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The Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur Dipl. Ing. Margaretha Lingen-Zanker

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"A woman steps on the gas. With courage and competence she has made a name for herself in the private and business world“

This is how a well-known magazine described Margaretha l.Z.
In 1987, MLZ, an interior designer and architect, graduate engineer, undertaker and master carpenter, took over her parents' familiy business.

Her credo:

Beauty and functionality come from within.
Dipl. Ing. Margaretha Lingen-Zanker

The conversion of the former carpentry and business premises has brought together Ml Design, Willi Lingen´s funeral services, the Gute Stube“ Cafe and seminar rooms.

Raum = Space - Living spaces
Werk = Work- Acting & Creating

RAUMWERK 1897 is a meeting place for people from all walks of life. With expertise and diligence, as well as high quality standards she has won loyal and satisfied customers and clients at home and abroad.

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ML Design
With attention to detail
Designing from the inside out makes good architecture

ML Mediation & Life Coaching
With commitment & empathy
Trust and self-reflection bring clarity, easyness and joy.

WL Funerals
With sympathy & respect
Each person is unique, even after death.

ML Motorbike Training & Coaching
With passion & joy
You are the rider. Through guided training you will gain confidence and fascination to enjoy motorcycling even more.

ML People & Life
With pictures & stories
Only when you live life in all its diversity new opportunities can open up.

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  • FH Düsseldorf Dipl. Ing. Fachrichtung Architektur-Innenarchitektur
  • HWK Düsseldorf Undertaker
  • Master Carpenter – HWK
  • Master of the year – HWK
  • Member of Jury Form and Design, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg
  • Motorrad Instruktorin Actionteam Stuttgart
  • Juror and Tester Goldenes Lenkrad Berlin
  • Fastest Woman in the World on a TT Motorcycle
  • Internship product design Prof. Bernt Spiegel, Mannheim
  • International Feng Shui Consultant & Coach, Kuala Lumpur
  • Universität Campinas, Brasilien, Visiting Professor of Architecture
  • Teaching Students FH Düsseldorf in Architecture and Interior Design
  • European University Association Hamburg/Cologne, Certified Mediator and Life Coach


A Business with Family Tradition - Anno 1897.

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Anno 1897

Family Residence with carpentry

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Anno 1897

Karl Willi & Henriette Lingen

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Anno 1949

Willi & Margaretha Katharina Lingen

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Anno 1960

The Lingen family 2nd & 3rd generation

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Anno 1975

lorry and father

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Anno 1982

Margaretha (Margret) Lingen - Master Carpenter

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Only a few month before her exam as a graduate engineer, her father died after a serious illness at the age of 69 years. Although she wanted to practise her profession in Milan, she hat to take a different path. She attended master school in Düsseldorf and at the age of 26 she was the only undertaker and cabinetmaker in Germany to pass her master`s examination. Together with her mother, she ran the joinery, upholstery, decoration workshop, furniture store with design, architecture office and funeral parlour.

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In 1990 her mother died suddenly and unexpectedly leaving her to fend for herself and to give up her hobbies of horses riding and motorbike racing.

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Many years after the birth of her son, Marco, her hobby became her profession again.

To me, tradition means loyalty and staying true to yourself. Going through ups and downs in order to grow. To carry on the family business Lingen - Raumwerk 1897- with diligence, innovation, inquisitiveness and passion.
Margaretha Lingen-Zanker