ML Mediation & Life Coaching

Life constantly presents us with new challenges in our private and professional lives, which can leave us feeling overwhelmed, helpless, insecure and even weakend.

Margaretha Lingen-Zanker supports you in your current life situation through her varied professional and life experience as a mediator and personality coach.

In doing so, she can and will combine these with astonishing concepts and approaches to create a Win-Win situation.

A personality coach for your current situation in life.


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Every person and every situation is unique.
Margaretha Lingen-Zanker

We are happy to set off on this journey with you. Whether at your home, in a seminar room, in the countryside, with your four-legged friends, by bicycle or by car.

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By working together with my colleague Thomas Zinken Baumann and my colleague Anke Baumann, we are able to offer and implement very specific consulting concepts based on each individual`s longstanding professional experience.

Margaretha Lingen-Zanker
Anke Baumann
Thomas Zinken

Each of us has his or her focus and many years of experience in his or her own area of expertise, and yet the circumstances of our clients`lives and our counselling concept fit together to form a whole. Together with you, we solve your issues in private and professional situations quickly and sustainably and create a WIN-WIN situation for you!
In the current times, individual interests often prevail, because one`s own goal must or should be achieved. We offer you an efficient and effective solution process in the framework of mediation or life coaching.
Whether for you as an individual or for the conflicting parties our goal is to find a solution constellation and ideally, resolve your issue completely.

Mediation for individuals

Conflicts in the family, separation and divorce or disputes over inheritances occur frequently and everyone deals with this situation in a different way. However, when emotions run high and neither party is prepared to back down, such situations often end up in court. This costs money , time and above all, nerves. Before it comes to that, you should call in a mediator to help you arbitrate. In most cases, the impartial approach and professional guidance of a mediator can prevent further escalation.

Mediation in companies
In companies, different tasks and interests often lead to conflict situations that cannot be avoided. Especially when it comes to conflicts of competence or the consequences of organisational changes, interests clash. In these cases, an impartial mediator is an option to mediate between the parties involved. The aim of mediation is to uncover entrenched positions and achieve a mediation result.

Our first meeting is free of charge. We will then be happy to make you an offer.